Sep 16, 2010

vienna knutselclub reunion

this is jasmin and me after more than 3 hours of shopping at the arts store.
boy, do I look beat - it was a very exhausting experience!
but finally I was there with somebody who is as enthusiastic and persistent as me when it comes to art supply.
we could have stayed longer, but I got very hungry + had to go back to work...

jasmin always seems to be blurry in photos, maybe she's half vampire?

she also promised to visit me at my office soon, I hope she'll bring some of her work, as I haven't seen any yet.


Luise said...

why didn't jasmin join our knutselklub?
i'm glad you had a fun day together!

barbara said...

jasmin, I think it's time for the first comment!

Camilla said...

Jasmin is actually blurry on many of my pictures too... hmm strange ;)
Glad you had a good time. And nice to see you both.