Sep 29, 2010

autumn leaf

I found this leaf on my way to get lunch, and had to pick it up because it was so colorful.
put it in a book to preserve it, hopefully it will keep its colour.

can't wait for all the trees to turn yellow, orange, and red!
apart from that I usually find autumn a bit depressing.

Sep 27, 2010

an inspirational book

"playing with books" by jason thompson

more about it via:

ps. if you like monet:

got it!

thank you, Janien!

in progress

my "göteborg scrapbook" is in full swing...

Sep 26, 2010

Angela-esque dinner

I haven't been creating much - other than the occasional Angela-inspired meal. There's corn and beans in the casserole dish. Delicious! I wish you all were here to "dig in" with me.

Sep 24, 2010


Thought I would leave a few blogs I'm liking to peruse over the weekend :)
Have a good one!

Happy moment

I'm not sure if Luise is so happy about crocheting or the fact that she is sitting so close to Morran ;-)

Happy weekend Knutselklub.

softies for mirabel

I just found out about this project over at meet me at mikes and thought I'd share it with you guys.
The project is called softies for mirabel and the idea is basically to send handmade softies to children who have been abandoned or orphaned because their parents are drug addicts.

I thought with our new crocheting skills it would be nice to contribute something cute...
What do you say?

Sep 22, 2010

leuke post

My dear ladies,
10 envelopes are ready to send around the world to all of you.
It's 'leuke post' and an invitation to play with it's content! Inside you find the red cloggs of course and some scraps of paper.  Cut, past draw, paint, stamp, whatever, ........make something and show it on this blog.
Have fun!!

Sep 21, 2010

inspiration links

hattie newman, illustrations + settings with paper

two links from argentina:

gustavo aimar, illustrations/paintings/collages

cecilia, paper illustrations

Sep 20, 2010


finished at last

after a lot of undoing and redoing, I finally finished my crochet pet this weekend.

he sends greetings to snouty and pingu!


We have a geat art bookstore in Antwerp and it's open on sunday!! Most of the times I can't resist buying something. Yesterday I bought two great books.  'Is beter nog ver?' (Is better still far?) is a story inspired by a few artworks (from belgium artists) and it has to do something with music too. I haven't really read it, I fell for the drawings of Karolien Vanderstappen. This her blog.

Sep 19, 2010


This morning (under the shower, of course) I had an idea for a small project for the knutselclub!!
It has something to do with the red cloggs and leuke post. Wait and see!

Sep 18, 2010


Round 2 for my you can see Camilla I'm getting closer to your original stuffed animal shape.
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Sep 17, 2010


Nana and Morran went for a fika all dressed up (I wasn't invited)...
Is that croissant laying on the plate or does it stick on Morran's nose. Maybe she's trying to impress Nana with a new trick?

storm hits nyc

I hope Sue is ok!?

(a friend of mine who's living in nyc said that manhattan is ok, queens, brooklyn, and staten island are more affected)

Sep 16, 2010

Hi everybody

Hello Everyone! I finally found a moment to follow Camilla's link and sign onto this blog. I don't know how to get my "follower" picture to show, so I'll just have to exist as a ghost next to Jasmin's vampire. I just want to say hi and I miss you all and I wish I wasn't working so much because I haven't had any time to make pictures! Shown here is a photo from my trip Ireland, where I was just before I came to meet you all in Sweden. I look forward to being a part of this continued conversation. Next time I visit my parents I'll have to borrow a photo of my short, stocky Irish ancestors for posting here.


Hello everybody!


Here is the proof that Jasmin is NOT a vampire...

vienna knutselclub reunion

this is jasmin and me after more than 3 hours of shopping at the arts store.
boy, do I look beat - it was a very exhausting experience!
but finally I was there with somebody who is as enthusiastic and persistent as me when it comes to art supply.
we could have stayed longer, but I got very hungry + had to go back to work...

jasmin always seems to be blurry in photos, maybe she's half vampire?

she also promised to visit me at my office soon, I hope she'll bring some of her work, as I haven't seen any yet.

Family pictures

I tried to find an old family picture to post, and this was the oldest one I could find on my computer.
It is taken at a lucia celebration at my kindergarten. All the girls wanted to be a lucia, except for me (of course).
The woman with the coolest hair in the picture is my mamma.

Sep 15, 2010

Oh for the love of Moss!

I thought I would share a few pictures from Susan, Janien and my trip to the Goteborg Botanical Garden.
For those who missed it- the kitty is for you Janien!
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Wanted by Victoria from sfgirlbybay

Today's post at sfgirlbybay has a little bit of Camilla. Have a look - here.

rabbit with velvet coat

I love her work! this one was a gift for my mom last christmas...

and this one is mine :)

the same procedure...

because we once talked about it and luise reenacted parts of it –
here's the link to DINNER FOR ONE (the original black + white version):

the story behind it: it's miss sophie's 90th birthday
and all her friends have already died, so her butler has to play them...

in germany + austria we have it every new year's eve (literally on every tv channel)
for 30 years or more, and it never gets old.


The work of Paulina on etsy is amazing - I believe she lives in Finland. It seems you can never purchase anything as they are always sold. I might have seen one on Luise's flickr page but not sure. Her shop is called
...just thought I'd share.