Dec 30, 2010


So as luck would have it Susan and I finally met up before the end of the year to check out the new wing at our local museum ( Museum of Fine Arts Boston or MFA as we call it) I believe we both got cross eyed looking at all the lovely pieces of art this museum has had squirreled away for who knows how long-
It was great to reconnect over (a very expensive) lunch and made me feel that Gothenburg really is not that far away- hope you ladies are having a wonderful week!
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Dec 29, 2010

In flight

Hello Everyone! I hope you are continuing to enjoy this holiday week and are seeing the people you want to see and doing the things you like to do and eating the food that you like best.

I don't like to fly, and wasn't too happy to find out that a foot and a half of snow was falling back home in Boston while I was down in Washington DC...and that over 5,000 flights were cancelled in the northeast. But, Santa granted my wish and my flight left on time yesterday morning and landed without any problems and I made it safely back home. Even though I don't like being on's pretty cool to watch the sun rise from way up high!

Dec 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!

sorry, it's been a very busy week - I will post some pics soon...
frohe weihnachten! ;) barbara

Dec 24, 2010

Please come to Boston

First, I want to ask: Is there a word for "fear of other people's handwriting"? I have been trying to decipher your mailing addresses! Which brings me to my second point: I just want to remind you there are 12 days of Christmas, which BEGIN on Christmas Day, so when you get your cards after the 25th, they are still technically on time. :-)

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, here's my day on December 20:

Up and ready to begin my day, looking out my kitchen window to make sure the sun is rising again today.

Off the bus and onto the subway.
Headed to the doctor's office for my annual physical exam.

Doctor to Susan: "Do you have any questions?"

Susan to Doctor: "Yes." (pause) "Can I take a picture of your shoes?"

Headed to the subway again. This tree is decorated for Christmas -
can you see what it says on the bag?

Off the subway and headed to work.

Later than usual arrival to my desk.

Sneaking outside to get some lunch.

It's starting to snow!
This is the view from the window near my desk,
looking out onto the hub of the biotech universe -
Kendall Square, Cambridge.

I am responsible for the fact that some of the walls at work are this color.
Some folks love me for this, some want to strangle me.

My view for a good portion of the day.

Heading home.

Decided to walk from Cambridge to Boston so that I could enjoy the snowflakes and walk over the Longfellow Bridge (as in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who used to live nearby). That's the icy Charles River to the right.

Make Way for Ducklings! (Google that if necessary).

I had to sneak in a second picture from the Public Garden. I wish the snow was deeper, but still, it captures the romance of winter to me.

Off the bus and almost home - my street.

In from the cold at last!

The remains of my very lame dinner.

To bed. Yay!
(In my bed I pretend I am floating on waves -
I am surrounded by the colors of the sea and stones)

Dec 22, 2010

Good morning and good night

Since I don't have to wake up before I want to I sleep until I wake up, and it is usually when it gets light this time of the year.

Breakfast, oatmeal porridge, and then a walk with Morran. This day to a café for a coffee with a friend. She's interior designer and we've been talking about making a lamp together... I can't see it in front of me... it's too far away from my way of thinking. Maybe I'll get there.

I bought nordic skates to my husband for christmas. I am only making a nice package of the crampons(?) (ice picks) and hiding the skates somewhere in the apartment for him to find.

Working with Morran by my side (not so helpful) and suddenly it is darker inside than it is outside.

Taking Morran for a short walk to the mailbox.

Cooking for myself, Ingvar is out working in another city and will not be home until tomorrow. Therefor I will have to take Morran on the last walk which my husband usually does.

I am knitting a sweater for Morran even though I know she will hate it. Knitting, drinking wine and watching bad tv :)

Dec 21, 2010

Vienna calling

 4am coming home from work
 7am somebody comes to read the electric meter, hurray...
 after some more hours of sleep. coffee, good morning!
  I have to go to the post office to send christmas cards

 on my way to the subway station
 yeees, that's just how I feel today...
 entering the dark side
 nice and dirty bus window
 I have a mini job since .....ever. I sometimes think about quitting it but then it's only twice a month for a couple of hours and it makes some nice extra pocket-money. This part of the city is not that nice, industrial. The office building is not nice either.
 but reflections are
 I have a sore throat
 this gives you an idea of the atmosphere of the building :-)
 Marilyn is leaving the building
 looking at the ceiling of the elevator- a bit of glamour at last!
 I missed the bus and walk a bit. the golden arch says hello and wants me to buy hot chocolate.
 empty bus
 almost empty subway station
 10:30pm late dinner
 howling, then sleeping.