Jan 31, 2011

random collection

An empty plate, bowl or cup always fills itself with all kinds of things. This small plate is in fact to beautifull to fill with burnt matches. Once in a while I clean up and give the ficherman some light. But after a while.....
What collection do you have in your fruitbowl, cup or plate on the table?

movie trailer

I hope this movie comes soon: BEGINNERS

knitting inspiration - Alice Lemoine


Jan 26, 2011

yelena bryksenkova

her sketchbooks remind me a lot of Susan's illustrations:

simple but very nice animated gifs


Jan 18, 2011

sending snow your way..

looks like it is sending "snow balls" down instead of flakes

caught one!

                                                  This required much snow in the face :)
                           Supposedly it's going to turn to rain and then freeze, but we shall see.
                                                    If I could I'd send some your way.

Jan 15, 2011

Berlin and Boston

I read an article in the New York Times, In a Berlin Factory, an Artist Expands Upward and thought of Luise (because the place is in Berlin)...and then I thought it would be a good place for Angela to hold an Ace Camp! The picture above is one picture of it...click through the slide show to see the big open space for creating.

As Kristen mentioned on her blog, we got some real snow this week. The picture here shows what greeted me when I awoke on Wednesday, and it wasn't done snowing yet. My muscles are still sore from shoveling!

for Luise

Jan 14, 2011

surprise in a box

 Lovely boxes and a surprise inside! I have to embroider again......
Made me think of the pillow of Kristen : ) .

Jan 12, 2011


I found this beautiful book "Masken aus Mexiko" (by Giancarlo Prandelli,...) in a second hand bookshop. It's a catalogue of an exhibition at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna in 1981. If you are interested - you can see Mexican masks on this site.
I really like the work of Mexican artist Damián Ortega. I bought  "Do it yourself" a catalogue of an exhibition that took place at The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. See and read here

books by Edward Gorey
Check out the work of Helmut Smits
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 and thank you Janien and Susan for your cards! I added expand (my word of the year ) and will use them as book marks and reminder :-) (the picture above is a close up...)

Jan 10, 2011


After reading Susan's post I felt like my weekend was about appreciating a few extra moments of laying around. In fact my biggest accomplishment was getting out to buy new pillows to sleep in on Sunday (my neck has been out for a week because of sleeping on way too old pillows). But then today I looked at the "nest " I'd made for myself and thought the blanket and pillow were made my my grandmothers and are really quite artistic...and the books I've been browsing- well 2 are art books and there is an art to cooking and gardening and the kids book has got great illustrations...so thanks Susan for giving me a different perspective on my otherwise low key weekend :)
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'when faith moves mountains'

I went to an exhibition of Francys Alys.  He is a belgium artist, living in Mexico City. He walks a lot and his actions are between the political and the poetical. The last few years he has become a 'famous' artist and he has a retrospective in Brussels. So the exhibition was crowded this sunday afternoon. I like his work but I didn't like the exhibition. I got a lot of questions about the way you exhibit perfomances and actions. We treat it as if it's an exhibition of paintings and that doesn't work!! When you want to get a dislike of contempory art you have to treat it like this. So I have spoken!!
And 'when faith moves mountains' wasn't even there. He tried to move a mountain one centimeter with 500 volunteers in Peru. Totally sensless but a very beautiful, metaforical act! Just remember that of him, that's enough.

the art of nature

(when I read Susan's post, I was sitting on the sofa and my weekend had already passed, but maybe this will work, too...)

this weekend I appreciated the art of nature: I went to Lake Neusiedl, which is about 40 minutes (by car) from Vienna. it's quite huge (a small part of it is in Hungary) and UNESCO world heritage. I'm not so fond of it in summer, because it's pretty shallow and muddy and there are always a lot of moskitos, but it's fab in winter because it easily freezes and you can ice skate (or ice sail) for hours.
I felt like skating on the sea, the ice reaching to the horizon and beyond, and sometimes you could not tell where the ice ended and the sky began - and it made me think of Hiroshi Sugimoto's photos called "seascapes", which I like a lot (there you have the art...!)

Jan 8, 2011

Other people's art

Hello Knutselklub! I have decided this is "Appreciating Other People's Art Weekend" (in my own little universe). You can see what I have to say about it on my two blog posts from today. I sure do appreciate what a creative boost I get from all of you. You gals rock! This photo was taken last night. It's new sculpture in front of MIT University in Cambridge which I had seen when passing by in a car a few times, but last night I was walking back from seeing (hearing) some music and was finally able to stop and really check it out. It's really weird to see at night - the first time I saw it I was moving fast and could only say "what the IS that?"

Let me know what art you appreciate this weekend. :-)

Hello 2011!

Thank you ladies for sharing a day of your life!
I had a really good time watching/reading it. We'll have to do it again :)

Pictures that stuck, for different reasons, is Susan visiting her sassy doctor - the atmosphere at Jamin's mini job - Luise having dinner with her friend in front of the computer - that Kristen's photos always feel a little exotic to me - that Whistler sure look like a winter resort (and Walters cute ass says Morran;) - Janien's day was almost like beeing at a spa and Barbara's winter wonderland photos.

(I got a christmas card from Elsa)

Jan 3, 2011

at last...

1. waking up. it's not the prettiest bedding, but my warmest.
2. at breakfast, writing a long to do-list.
3. already lots of people shopping.
4. I need a snack!
5. walking around is quite dangerous...
6. the last chance to post parcels, if you want them to arrive before christmas!
7. another snack.
8. looking for a christmas tree.
9. this is how my poor boots looked like when I came home. :(
10. thank you for all your cards!
11. a pretty parcel from my godchild (chocolate - he knows what I like)
12. wrapping...
13. ... and watching "the national lampoon's christmas holidays" with chevy chase
14. good night!