Nov 26, 2011

Saint Lucia side note

Went to a local Swedish fair today (yummy food!) with friends and made a connection with Saint Lucia...or Saint Lucy as my (Italian) Grandmother calls her. 
Patron saint of eye sight or I guess "the light" which is much less gory than how I knew of her growing up....but I have to admit I have always been fascinated by the eye balls she holds-(ew!) 
anyway It's interesting seeing how religion/culture transforms from country to country.

Nov 22, 2011

So Barbara what do you think? 
(new fashion line of chicken jumpers)

Nov 10, 2011

more autumn views

I love the tree outside my studio window, and its changes through the seasons.

so I started to take one photo per week of it.
when I have the whole year, I want to make a little movie.
(my panic: who will take pics when I'm on holidays?)

this is it in the last 3 weeks:

Nov 7, 2011

The american Morran

The american Morran has done things the swedish Morran never had. Like meeting hens and flying aeroplanes. Now they can share their stories with each other :))

I never said it was from Kristen!! It was so obvious for me. Sorry about that and thank you Kristen :)

this is me right now...

Nov 3, 2011


hello ladies, you can see my submission for Camilla's Morran-book on my blog

Nov 2, 2011

autumnal views

went to the south of austria over the weekend – this is what I saw from the train: