Jul 30, 2011

Lisa Occhipinti

Lisa Occhipinti and her book at Joanne Rossman's shop.

Lisa's shoes. You don't see things like that in Roslindale very often!

The awesome Joanne Rossman. She made those jackets hanging behind her, and is just generally a light that shines on all whose path crosses hers.

Okay, so it took me a while to get around to this, but here are a few pictures from the Lisa Occhipinti book signing I went to a few months ago. My explanation for the delay is: I got an iPhone. This is relevant because getting an iPhone means that I pretty much have not turned on my home computer for about two months. Which means, blog reading and blog posting are neglected!

Lisa O's book event was held right down the street from my house at my favorite shop -- owned by the creative, generous, fun, and totally fabulous Joanne Rossman. You can check out a bit about her shop, and read her blog here. Her tagline is "purveyor of the unnecessary and irresistible". Need I say more?

Lisa Occhipinti will be hosting an Angela Ritchie Ace Camp in September called "Beyond Books: text, color + assemblage". Read more about that class, and all the other ones that Angela has been organizing, here. If anyone reading this has NOT been to an Ace Camp, you must go! And, for those of you who have, do another one!!

Note to Angela: Joanne Rossman would be a super-cool person to have an Ace Camp!!

Jul 28, 2011

Sweden Book (revisited)

So it's getting closer to our year mark from when we last met....was wondering if anyone wanted to participate in a little group project??

I did like the photo day in the life we did back in Dec.
or maybe a little art we pass around and work on?
or a mailing- postcards?

It's been awhile and I miss your faces :)
Hope Summer is treating everyone well!

Jul 16, 2011

the 11 chocolate balls

Hello my dearest Knutselklub, I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!
I just wanted to tell you this years workshop's blogsite - http://the11chocolateballs.blogspot.com/

Jul 5, 2011