Oct 31, 2010

More softie links

Ma petit Emma
Rutger and Edweeno
Goard heads

A few random softie links

Morran looks so different. She is much younger here, I can't remember that she looked so "naked" :)

Oct 25, 2010

Liat Yaniv


I just found out about this amazing artist, Liat Yaniv from Israel, and thought I'd share.
She makes these wonderful paper dolls and illustrations made of newspaper cuts.

Have a nice week everyone!

Oct 22, 2010


(I will be offline for the next 4 days, so I better post this now...)

Jasmin's b-day is on monday (25th)!

when is everybody else's birthday?

Oct 21, 2010

hej lilla fagel

Here is another one. I am now cutting out some of the pages to put on boards.
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Oct 14, 2010

I have no memory of this...

I was thinking I might post a little survey.

I have been thinking a lot about memory and asking friends and family about their first or earliest memories and about how old they thought they were.

This came about while I was looking at the above photo of me at a zoo, and how some photos create a memory that we may not actually remember, but know second hand because of the photo.
Similarly- stories about us that we incorporate into our memories in the first person even though it is someone else's recollection.

So here is my earliest memory;

I must have been 3 or 4 I was in the kitchen of the first house we lived in, the sun was coming in through the window and I remember the brick pattern linoleum floor, we had a cat that was about to have kittens and my Dad was putting together a metal ride on fire truck that a grandparent gave my brother and I. He was having a hard time doing it and was really frustrated- that made me nervous.

Anyway if you care to I would love to hear some of your first memories and about how old you might have been...:)
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Oct 12, 2010

paper is lovely

An ever growing collection of lovely paper.

banksy does simpsons intro

one of my favorite streetartists BANKSY did the simpsons intro (they are drawn in korea):

Oct 11, 2010


I've been wanting to make some pictures from my trip to Ireland, and Queen Medb's Cairn on the summit of Knocknarea Mountain in Strandhill was my first choice. (She is also known as Queen Maeve if you anglicize her name.) Queen Medb's got an interesting story, a mixture of potential truths and a lot of mythology. But, what really surprised me is that it turns out she was killed by Furbaide with a piece of cheese. Yes, cheese. He used it as a missile to kill her while she bathed in a pool. I figure that part must be true.

another good day for me, but a bad day for my city

yesterday we had great weather and so I went hiking again.
here is a view from nussberg at the egde of vienna (you can see the skyline in the distance).

unfortunately it wasn't such a great day for my hometown, we had communal elections and the socialists lost their absolute majority, while the far right party got 27% (!!!) :(((

Leukepost for the king

Oct 7, 2010

today is a good day

the sun is shining in vienna :))
I had sara fanelli's book "sometimes I think, sometimes I am" in the mail, and a friend brought me lots of old letters and cards.

hope you all have a good day too!

ps. how to make old paper flexible, waterproof, and durable:

Oct 6, 2010

Oct 4, 2010

feels like november

today is the first day at my office where I had to start the heating and switch on the lights during daytime.
outside it's doom and gloom and pretty cold (around 10 degrees celcius).

yesterday I outbraved the bad weather and took a walk to the outskirts of vienna...



A link - Hand Drawn Map Association.

Oct 1, 2010

sneak peek

Let me introduce you to my second crochet character. He (or she?) is smaller than the first one and has pom pom ears. Maybe Alexandra  Hedberg was an inspiration... ;) 
I haven't yet decided whether to add a mouth or not...  
What do you think?


Messin around

Bwah ha ha happy friday!
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"black and white" by three dog night

the song "black and white" is just playing on the radio and it puts a smile on my face, reminding me of sue shea singing and dancing in the foyer of camilla's building...