Jan 12, 2011


I found this beautiful book "Masken aus Mexiko" (by Giancarlo Prandelli,...) in a second hand bookshop. It's a catalogue of an exhibition at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna in 1981. If you are interested - you can see Mexican masks on this site.
I really like the work of Mexican artist Damián Ortega. I bought  "Do it yourself" a catalogue of an exhibition that took place at The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. See and read here

books by Edward Gorey
Check out the work of Helmut Smits
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 and thank you Janien and Susan for your cards! I added expand (my word of the year ) and will use them as book marks and reminder :-) (the picture above is a close up...)


barbara said...

the second pic gives me a headache - LOL

Janien /leuke post said...

Thanks for Helmut Smit, a very german name but Dutch. Didn't know him.
Congratulations with you're word. It's promising!! And thanks for using my card ;-)

Susan said...

Jasmin: I like your word - expand. I sat up straighter and took a deep breath when I read it!

I have a good collection of Edward Gorey books...some of them limited editions and signed by him. Many, many years ago, I used to go to a sprawling, old bookstore on Cape Cod, which carried his books and each time I would go, I would get another one. Edward Gorey actually lived right down the road and once my then-boyfriend and I drew a picture on a pumpkin (I think maybe "E is for Edward" and left it on his porch, rang the bell, and ran away. We could see him up on the second floor writing or drawing at his desk. Also, we liked that he didn't have a mailbox - he just had a big rock on his porch that the mailman would place the mail under!

jasmin said...

wow, wow and wow !wow for having all tose books!and wow for that lovely story! :-)))) I am reading a book about him rigt now, I wonder if there is a passage where he speaks about the two people who left a pumpkin on his porch! and wow number 3 for cape cod, a place I would like to see... and then swim to Montauk:-)

barbara said...

I only know "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" but love it very much.

Kristen Donegan said...

what an awesome story Susan! I love Edward Gorey too, how could you not- he is so quirky!

LOVED the masks Jasmin thank you for the link- I think expand is a very good word for the year, makes me want to sit with that one for a bit!