Jan 26, 2011

yelena bryksenkova

her sketchbooks remind me a lot of Susan's illustrations:


Kristen Donegan said...

wow these are really nice...I think one of the fashion portraits- Ms Stockholm looks like an alter to Luise...maybe another reminds me of Nana. She has a nice blog too.
Thanks Barbara! Susan would love this

barbara said...

hope so...


Susan said...

I do love her drawings and writing! Thank you for thinking of me. :-) I feel like if I had more time to spend on my pictures, and more patience, maybe they would begin to be as nice as these! She is an inspiration for keeping a detailed visual travel journal.

Elizabeth said...

The sketchbook is very inspiring.
Thanks for mentioning it.

How did you get the name International Gothenburg Knutselklub? Ik vind het een geweldige naam!!!!

Have fun ladies.