Jan 10, 2011

'when faith moves mountains'

I went to an exhibition of Francys Alys.  He is a belgium artist, living in Mexico City. He walks a lot and his actions are between the political and the poetical. The last few years he has become a 'famous' artist and he has a retrospective in Brussels. So the exhibition was crowded this sunday afternoon. I like his work but I didn't like the exhibition. I got a lot of questions about the way you exhibit perfomances and actions. We treat it as if it's an exhibition of paintings and that doesn't work!! When you want to get a dislike of contempory art you have to treat it like this. So I have spoken!!
And 'when faith moves mountains' wasn't even there. He tried to move a mountain one centimeter with 500 volunteers in Peru. Totally sensless but a very beautiful, metaforical act! Just remember that of him, that's enough.


barbara said...

what a cool idea! thank you for sharing this with us!

ps. I can understand your "dilemma" with the exhibition.

barbara said...
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Kristen Donegan said...

what a crazy idea....and beautiful photo.

It is rare I think to find good documentation of performances in Museums. We get stuck on how to view performance art when we try and contain and repeat it in time.

jasmin said...

His work is so beautiful, so it is even more sad that the exhibition wasn't good.