Jan 3, 2011

at last...

1. waking up. it's not the prettiest bedding, but my warmest.
2. at breakfast, writing a long to do-list.
3. already lots of people shopping.
4. I need a snack!
5. walking around is quite dangerous...
6. the last chance to post parcels, if you want them to arrive before christmas!
7. another snack.
8. looking for a christmas tree.
9. this is how my poor boots looked like when I came home. :(
10. thank you for all your cards!
11. a pretty parcel from my godchild (chocolate - he knows what I like)
12. wrapping...
13. ... and watching "the national lampoon's christmas holidays" with chevy chase
14. good night!


Kristen Donegan said...

looks like you had a really festive day! That was such a great moon night- Hope your recovering from the holidays :) back to reality for now

barbara said...

hi kristen, yes, I'm still recovering! ;)
I still have one week off left, and today I will try to start painting (göteborg style) again...


Kristen Donegan said...

YAY! make sure you post us a little peek ;)

Luise said...

the first shot is my favourite! the colors, the dof... it just looks so comfy :)

barbara said...

Luise, how I miss my warm + comfy bed this cold morning back at the office!

Kristen, there really isn't anything to show. I spend the whole day sketching and then painting, but unfortunately I hated the result. :(
as my wise mother said: "if you only try it once a year, you can't expect to be the next Picasso!" (thanks, mom!)