Jan 8, 2011

Other people's art

Hello Knutselklub! I have decided this is "Appreciating Other People's Art Weekend" (in my own little universe). You can see what I have to say about it on my two blog posts from today. I sure do appreciate what a creative boost I get from all of you. You gals rock! This photo was taken last night. It's new sculpture in front of MIT University in Cambridge which I had seen when passing by in a car a few times, but last night I was walking back from seeing (hearing) some music and was finally able to stop and really check it out. It's really weird to see at night - the first time I saw it I was moving fast and could only say "what the IS that?"

Let me know what art you appreciate this weekend. :-)


Kristen Donegan said...

what a cool piece...very appropriate for MIT!

barbara said...

looking very cool!

Susan said...

I passed by this sculpture again last night...and saw that someone had built a snowman inside of it! Very cool (and also very cold, so I didn't get out of the car and take a picture).