Jan 8, 2011

Hello 2011!

Thank you ladies for sharing a day of your life!
I had a really good time watching/reading it. We'll have to do it again :)

Pictures that stuck, for different reasons, is Susan visiting her sassy doctor - the atmosphere at Jamin's mini job - Luise having dinner with her friend in front of the computer - that Kristen's photos always feel a little exotic to me - that Whistler sure look like a winter resort (and Walters cute ass says Morran;) - Janien's day was almost like beeing at a spa and Barbara's winter wonderland photos.

(I got a christmas card from Elsa)

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barbara said...

yes, it was a great idea, Camilla, and we'll have to do it again!

I also got a card from Elsa, nice to hear from her!