Dec 20, 2010

December 20th, 2011 - Angela style

...working and walking
woke up
stuck my head out the door
started to work
still working at my desk while lifting the camera up to take photos around the room

thinking, man oh man - I'd better leave the house or my photos are going to be incredibly boring
came back in after taking photo and continued to work.
had many computer problems today - frankly wasn't that productive.

working away and organizing Ace Camps for 2011

simply lifted up camera and took photo of my screen thinking I'd better get out of the house I venture outside.

took Walter for a walksee where it says Whistler Cay Heights (that's where I live)

see where it says "YOU ARE HERE" - I was there heading into Whistler Village (our downtown area)
we passed some big trees.
Walter sniffed

he sees a squirrel

we walk to the bottom of one of the ski lifts - this one takes you almost to the top but there are more lifts to take you to the peak of the mountain
(it was hard to take photos with Walter tugging at my arm trying to sniff everything in sight)

we saw some people

and some stuffed Canadian Mountie moose

a Canadian store called Roots.

a Canadian sign
my favorite clothing store in Whistler - Canadian

walked past this house and went back to work. to wait for the lunar eclipse...


Kristen Donegan said...

It looks beautiful where you live Angela!

Kristen Donegan said...

Walter is a cu-tie!

Luise said...

these giant trees are impressive!

i laughed out loud at "walter sees a squirrel" ^

looks like we'll all gonna have a white christmas this year...

Janien /leuke post said...

I think you're a little more used to a real winter over there. Looks great!

Angela said...

You should see all the snow oh my - it dumped last night and I hear the avalanche bombs in the distance. Of course Walter is scared to death of them and will hide under my desk as he thinks it's safer there.

jasmin said...

Your house looks so beautiful and cosy, a perfect retreat!

Susan said...

I don't ski, but I would love to get to Whistler. I have been to parts of BC once before and would love to get back over there. It's so beautiful.

I hope you are warm and snug today and have a wonderful Christmas.

barbara said...

Angela, your home and its surroundings look perfect for a cooking workshop...! ;)