Dec 21, 2010

Vienna calling

 4am coming home from work
 7am somebody comes to read the electric meter, hurray...
 after some more hours of sleep. coffee, good morning!
  I have to go to the post office to send christmas cards

 on my way to the subway station
 yeees, that's just how I feel today...
 entering the dark side
 nice and dirty bus window
 I have a mini job since .....ever. I sometimes think about quitting it but then it's only twice a month for a couple of hours and it makes some nice extra pocket-money. This part of the city is not that nice, industrial. The office building is not nice either.
 but reflections are
 I have a sore throat
 this gives you an idea of the atmosphere of the building :-)
 Marilyn is leaving the building
 looking at the ceiling of the elevator- a bit of glamour at last!
 I missed the bus and walk a bit. the golden arch says hello and wants me to buy hot chocolate.
 empty bus
 almost empty subway station
 10:30pm late dinner
 howling, then sleeping.


Angela said...

Jasmin! Hello!
You felt like Marilyn on the 20th? Atta girl! So great to hear from you, my roomie - and see abit of your life.

Kristen Donegan said...

What the...4 AM, I had to read that twice.

you know diamonds really are a girls best friend :)

That moon was worth a howl- oh wait I think I caught your sore throat...blast

Susan said...

I hope your sore throat feels better. I love your early dark morning shot. I had to be on the bus by 6:10 a.m. yesterday and it was dark like that as I made my way to work. I hope you feel like Marilyn most days - except with out the insecurity and pain : )

I got your card with nose yesterday, which made me smile. I thought I didn't get any mail at all...but then later in the night I discovered that all my mail was mixed in with my neighbor's pile, and I had envelopes from you and Camilla. What a treat!

Wishing you a merry Christmas.

jasmin said...

actually I didn't feel like mm at all that day. And I would sell my best friends for sure if they were diamonds :-)
It's so nice to hear that the nose made you smile!

barbara said...

hi Jasmin, hope you're better by now, as everybody all around is sick at the moment...!?