Dec 21, 2010

working monday in berlin

i got up at 7:30. first thing i did was opening nr. 20 of my advent calendar :)

my neighbour's bike

i went for a morning walk with my dog. like other people, too.

hermann with short legs ;)

on my way to work, i saw this old "trabi", east germany's most popular car. it's basically made out of cardboard!


waiting for the elevator

my working space for today.

ciggi brake!

i'm reading an audiobook

lunch. it was better than it looks!

part one is done :)

let's call it a day. bye guys!

still some light left for my way home.

cozy time!

little nap for both of us...

i went out again to buy some wrapping paper. of course i slipped and fell!

later i had dinner with my best friend..

getting ready for bed

my balcony in the moonshine. good night!


Janien /leuke post said...

Somehow we all share the real winterfeeling this year! I hope to come to Berlin in spring.

Angela said...

Love the bike. Love the car - and the fact that you share dinner with a friend. Hope you are very well and not too immersed in work.

Kristen Donegan said...

little legs!

I like everyones moon shots! and dinner w/ a friend- thats an awesome idea:)

I think I would like your job Luise

Kristen Donegan said...

oh- I hope the fall wasnt too painful ...nothing worse than falling as an adult- (though can be quite funny in the movies)

Susan said...

I enjoyed getting a glimpse of your day in Berlin. I love your final moonlight shot...I can just imagine Santa and his sleigh crossing the sky as you look out the window! Really nice.

You made your day at a desk look not so boring after all. :-)

Merry Christmas!

barbara said...

a dinner for 2 via skype/web cam is so cool, and makes me feel very old(fashioned).