Dec 21, 2010

My day (with companion)

                                                       still need lights in the morning

                                                         and coffee...                                                      

                                                           Phoebe is on vacation this week

                                                              not my favorite job...
               checking in on the ladies... or the P.L.O as I've been calling them (Poultry Ladies Organization)

                                                      out on the the post office

                                                        hmmm...I wanted candles but....


                                                         Phoebe waiting- oh to be small again

                                                               the expensive farm near me

                                                       I came for the mushrooms

                                                      snow??       always driving

                                                       the less expensive farm near me

                                                             now the real activity begins

                                             holiday cheer for the P.L.O  cracked corn and lights!

                                                             Noah's violin lesson

                                                        more least there's music

                                                                  driving home

                                                          dinner- it's vegetarian :)

     My table doesn't usually look this good- but we like to celebrate the shortest day of the year with candles
                                                                   ( and fancy glasses)

                                                      torturing the cat  (secretly he loves it)

                                               torturing my husband- usually he likes it too :)

                                                        bed time finally for the little ones                                                    

                                                          now I get to sack out and relax


Luise said...

so cozy, kristen! makes me wanna come over for a cup of coffee :)
your christmas hen house is so cute!

and i LOVE the picture with phoebe in the shopping cart!
what a beautiful family you have

Janien /leuke post said...

Love the cat! Busy woman you are!

Angela said...

So great Kristen! Yes, love the fresh egg option - my dream to own a small farm may come true one day.

Kristen Donegan said...

I'd love to have you all over for coffee sometime :)

Busy Janien yes...thats why your day is so attractive to me:)

Angela I have a hard time picturing you still for too long...
(but yes the eggs are a treat)

jasmin said...

I love PLO :-))) Your children are lucky to have a mum like you. I had mushrooms too on monday!

Susan said...

Kristen: your photos here and on your blog make me want to come move in with you. Or at least take my next vacation hanging around your home with you and your kids!

Your last photo is so evocative. Isn't it so nice that it ended up snowing in Massachusetss on the day we were doing this project. It added a little wonder to what might have seemed a dreary day.

And yes, I do wish someone would push me around in a shopping cart once in a while (as I grab boxes of cookies off the shelf).

Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas.

barbara said...