Dec 4, 2010

What will I make today?

I have loved seeing the views out of all your windows and glimpses of your spaces! Thank you for sharing. I'll wait till it snows here to take a picture out of my window. Instead, here's my drawing table/art space. I actually usually end up out in the dining room because there is more natural light there and a better view, but I spent part of last night straightening this space out so that I might be motived to work here keep my messes out of sight. Time to start plotting my holiday card design. I wonder what will it be? What is inspiring to you about the holiday season?


barbara said...

when I was a child we did a lot of knutseling before christmas, now there is no time for that, but I love doing small things like cards for the presents or decorating my home.

susan, what a great table to work!
I can see mrs. hedgehog sitting there with her friends. ;)
I usually end up on my dining room too as I dont have a desk at home, only in my office.

Kristen Donegan said...

what a great work space! It looks so cozy- I could spend a lot of time there...but I know what you mean about the light, I'm always fighting for better light to work under as it were.

I think the most inspiring thing about the holidays for me is the under riding feeling that I get to start over, start new, another chance to do something different. I like the fresh feeling of the end of the year and how crazy it always ends up being.
Then how wonderfully quiet it is when it's all over :)