Dec 22, 2010

Good morning and good night

Since I don't have to wake up before I want to I sleep until I wake up, and it is usually when it gets light this time of the year.

Breakfast, oatmeal porridge, and then a walk with Morran. This day to a café for a coffee with a friend. She's interior designer and we've been talking about making a lamp together... I can't see it in front of me... it's too far away from my way of thinking. Maybe I'll get there.

I bought nordic skates to my husband for christmas. I am only making a nice package of the crampons(?) (ice picks) and hiding the skates somewhere in the apartment for him to find.

Working with Morran by my side (not so helpful) and suddenly it is darker inside than it is outside.

Taking Morran for a short walk to the mailbox.

Cooking for myself, Ingvar is out working in another city and will not be home until tomorrow. Therefor I will have to take Morran on the last walk which my husband usually does.

I am knitting a sweater for Morran even though I know she will hate it. Knitting, drinking wine and watching bad tv :)


Angela said...

oh, oh! Do I see a little package addressed to me? Made my day which until that point I was running in a million directions and making no sense of it. (note to self: only one cup of coffee, Angela...only one cup)

Also. Love the stitching in the embroidery hoop! I sure do.

Angela said...


we get presents for ole Walter as well - he really has no idea what day it is but Peter and I like it when he opens them...and he actually does and waits for another one to a kid. "Is that all I get?" - he thinks.

Kristen Donegan said...

Knitting, drinking wine and bad Tv sounds like a great combination to me.
I like how we were all thinking of each other that day- scattered all about. It gave my day an interesting point of view knowing I would see every ones eles as well-

jasmin said...

I can see the christmas card :-)

Susan said...

I like how you can see Kristen and Jasmin's cards in photo #2, and your "going to the mailbox" picture makes me feel like you were riding on a sleigh - with Morran as the reindeer pulling you! Thanks for suggesting this great idea. It was fun to think about what everyone else was doing.

barbara said...

thank you for your card, Camilla!