Dec 6, 2010

winter wonderland

on saturday, my friends and I went to mödling, a town outside vienna, to go sledging.
it was very cold (about -10°C) but sunny. first we had to walk up through a beautiful winter forest for about an hour and a half, then we went down on our sleigh and a thing looking like a big plastic wok. we were 4 so we had to share them, and sliding down in the uncontrollable wok thingy in twos (!) was so much fun, we laughed so hard our bellies ached!
it was a real great day out and we were dead tired afterwards.


Kristen Donegan said...

we call them saucer sleds...but I like your "wok" name better:)
I bet you slept well!

barbara said...

yes, as we were walking up through the snow huffing and puffing and with red cheeks, that's exactly what I said: "we'll sleep really good today...!" and we did.