Sep 6, 2010

Hi friends

So, I started this for all of us. I was thinking everyone could post what ever they want and what you think the rest is interested in.

I also had an idea from your e-mails. Like sending a small book around "answering" to each other creations we could do the same here.
Someone posts a photo/drawing and another one "answers" and so on. Do you understand what I am after? Like now, not so much interaction maybe but..., someone could post an illustration on a cheespie or the ingredients.

If you don't understand how to post on this blog, just ask here on the blog and someone will help you :-)


barbara said...

thank you camilla!!!
I will try this pronto!

and I hope that all our girls will post here...

;) barbara

nycsushi510 said...

i will! i'm so excited! thank you! :)


Luise said...

yay, what a perfect idea, i love this!

i've been working every day since i got home and inbetween i miss us in göteborg, it was such a different pace, i really hope i can keep some of that in my hectic berlin life. to try out the cheese pie recipe would be a good start...