Sep 14, 2010

Luise on radio

Dear Friends!
Sorry for my silence. I have been busy working, both in my office and with my bees. We havested our first honey the other day, very exciting!
My interview with the very famous Luise Helm will be on air today. Maybe you will understand something, at least Luise speaks English (when she is not pretending to be Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson).


barbara said...

hi nana,
good to hear from you!

do you know at what time the interview will air?

greetings from vienna + a big hug to you and your bees!


barbara said...
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barbara said...

I just listened to the interview!
it was very interesting to hear something about dubbing and it was nice to hear you both again!

and it is so strange, but luise, I would have never guessed that scarlett johansson's german voice is you(rs), because it sounds so different to your "real" voice! ;)

Kristen Donegan said...

Hi Nana- this was really cool to listen to though I didn't get most of it- I did hear noises that made me think of you two out on the roof.

yummy honey yay!

Luise said...

oh, thanks for the link, nana. i like how you put it all together with the music and the audio files :)

Janien /leuke post said...

And you al did this on that fridaynight? very interesting, really. Nice to hear you both!!