Sep 7, 2010


After Angela's "where I live" post I thought I'd do a "where I come from" post. Do you guys have pictures of your ancestors? My grandmother made a family album for me for my 10th birthday, and I found it so exciting to look at the old photgraphs and to know that all these people where related to me. Anyway, here are three:

This is my great-great-grandfather Carl Friedrich and his wife Agnes Hedwig, together with their son Friedrich. Carl Friedrich was born in 1858. He was a master bricklayer. Against his father's will, he married Agnes in 1882. Because he married beneath him, his father disinherited him. Carl and Agnes had five children.
I love this picture of them, sitting on a pile of rocks with nothing but their love for eachother. They look so happy!
This is a picture of my great-great-great-grandfather, Julius Ferdinand Wilhelm, born 1832, died 1902. He was a forester and supposedly the best dancer around....
The girl in the middle is my mom, ca 1978, she was ca 19 years old. The guy on the right with his back towards her is my dad. I've been carrying around this photo ever since I got hold of it when I was 12 years old..I don't know, I just love this picture. My mom is so beautiful, and at the same time, she looks so much like me on this one. My parents are still married today :)


barbara said...

hi luise,
very nice pics, and your mum really lokks a lot like you!

Angela said...

What a great addition to the blog. I love it. Hmmmm, let me see if I can dig up some photos.

Kristen Donegan said...

I like the portrait of your great great great grandfather- he is quite debonaire

Luise said...

I had to look up the word "debonaire", never heard it before... But thanks, I think you're right :)

nycsushi said...

LOVE the family photos...especially the one of your mom.

also, strange bit of grandfather's middle name was ALSO ferdinand!!! oscar ferdinand larson.