Sep 9, 2010


Thank you all for the beautiful old pictures from your family!!
I'll show you some of my family but firts a photo I found in Gothenborg. I found it in the secondhandstore and placed it in a book, so I actually 'took' it! I love the hads and the expression on there faces. Look at the boy right, in the corner below. I wanted to do something with them during the workshop I only made e few sketches.
Today I put them together. I want to play a little more with this old photo. Or let me be inspirerd by the ohter pictures here.


barbara said...

wow, I love it!

Luise said...

oh janien, this is fantastic! i too have a lot of found fotographs from berlin fleamarkets, i'll have to do something with them... so inspiring!

Camilla said...

Very inspiring

Kristen Donegan said...

These are great Janien!