Oct 26, 2011

She's finished and sent in....if you do something for the book can you post here so I can see too :)


barbara said...

your crochet Morran looks great, Kristen!

I really wanted to contribute, but after seeing all the other's work, I don't think that I will send anything, it's not good enough.


Kristen Donegan said...

I know what you mean (!)...I don't think mine will get in-
but I did have fun doing it and after all it is for Morran (the old girl) and charity...I suspect it's the thought that counts more than the finished product.

PS Barbara I think you are very talented :)

barbara said...

thank you, Kristen!
I guess I should have never looked at those sneak peeks...

of course will crochet Morran get in, it looks gorgeous from what I can see.

Janien /leuke post said...

Great idea, great result! I recognise you're feelings Barbara. But it doesn't help! The only thing that helps is having pleasure in what you create!! Sound a bit like a mum but I'm sayïng it to myself too!

barbara said...

Wisely said, Mum!