Oct 2, 2011

part of my day

Hello Knutselers I hope you are all fine. I know some of you have been travelling.

I went to the studio for the last time, cleaning up a little bit after myself, saying goodbye. I picked these on my way back home. Then I forgot about photographing the rest ;))

Morran illustration book.


barbara said...

will Elisabeth stay in the studio?
I am looking forward to reading about your new one!

is there a deadline for the contributions to the Morran illustration book?

Camilla Engman said...

Yes elisabeth will stay. Rhere will be five other people there instead of me. I thought that just sharing with one was to much ;)

No deadline yet. I will make the "rules" soon :)


barbara said...

wow, studio will be very crowded!

awaiting the rules...


Kristen Donegan said...

your pictures look nostalgic- I hope you are settling in to your new space :)