Oct 23, 2011


The photo is a reference to the project I'm working on in the museum (http://www.huisvanalijn.be/). It will be about correspondance/mail/leule post etc, yes yes!! I'm breaking my head for a good title. 'Briefwisseling' says it all in Dutch ( but I'm not sure); the project is about sending and receiving messages and the change of perception we experience right now. The tactile letter versus the intangible sms or tweet. The private space of the letter and the open space of internet, the slow ritual of writing and sending a paper letter and the quick mail or sms....and so on and so on. The project won't give an opinion but just wonders at all those changes of meaning.
I've have invited four artists who will reflect on these items all in a different way.
BUT I also like to start a correspondance. The museum will write letters to peole who are invited too respond on the questions I mentioned. I want to fill the INBOX in the museum. All the letters or messages will be shown in the exhibitions space.

What do you think do you want to participate???

It's a beautifull sunny sunday and I will be spending some time in the sun. I'll take my camera.......I have an idea for the 'Morran project'!!



Kristen Donegan said...

This is so you Janien! I love the idea and am sure it will be a very thoughtful and contemplative exhibit! What fun :)

barbara said...

great idea!