Sep 4, 2011

this saturday was a day to ........

drink coffee and read the newspaper on my little terras. It was warm and just imagine the sound of a piano with this image. One of my neigbours is a pianist!

clean up a bit and do the laundry.

take the route through the citypark (close to my house)

to the saturday market.

drink minthtea on a lovely, green and cosy terras.

make a pasta salad.

have time to read my new books!

This was a very quiet and slow saturday after a very busy week. I wanted to show you a day of my working life in Het Huis van Alijn. This is a small museum in Gent where I work right now. But I forgot the camera or was too busy to take a picture. But I will show you more in the future. I'm preparing a project in the museum about ...yes, yes.....letters and writing and leuke post!!


Jasmin said...

say hi to your toes! they make me think of the time we spent in Camilla's studio :-)
looks like an interesting museum where you work!

barbara said...

Recognized your toes, too! ;)
Your home pics always look very relaxed.
I'm looking forward to reading about your work at the museum!
Big hug from vienna, B

Kristen Donegan said...

That market looks like fun! and I would love to join you for some mint tea someday :)

(Keep us posted sometime about your work life- would love to know more)