Sep 2, 2011

24hours. sept1st 5pm-sept2nd 5pm

 met a friend for coffee. I have been to this cafe twice, it's a nice old-style Viennese cafe. but this time I discovered that they have this room...
 to the park. reading
 it's getting dark
 an old tram
 watched midnight in Paris, nice.
 on my way home. this is the opera.
 on the other side of the street there is aida, not the opera but a coffee/pastry shop. you can find it quite often in Vienna. the napkins, bags, the aprons of the people working there etc - everything is pink (pink like the letters you see above)
at home. some paper cutting.
 next day. morning magic potion: 3 spider legs, 1 tablespoon ground dragon teeth, ...
riding my bike to the library.

 hm. closed.
 but they had a couple of old books on a table in front of the door. for free. I took a nice one about patterns. here you can see the cover.
 it's starting to rain...
 ... so I had to stop at a thrift store :-)
 this is what I got. 2 wine glasses, a cup and a a milk can.
frog eyes for dinner :-)


barbara said...

I always love your photos and words!
Nice to see all those places I know through different eyes.

Janien /leuke post said...

Dear Jasmine, what are frog eyes? :)

Jasmin said...

hi janien! you can actually call them frozen peas :-)

Kristen Donegan said...

Isn't it nice when the weather makes you stop at a thrift store ;)

am very curious about that spider leg concoction you had...