Sep 30, 2011

For Barbara

Barbara, you are right that there is a sad lack of posts! To make it up to you, yesterday I took this picture of the Frank Gehry building that I see on my way home from work. I think it's not bad to be in if you have a fear of heights, but I heard it's hard for the people who work in there to find a place to put their books and desks. Not only that, it's been known to leak. This is the Stata Center at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

I had to take this from a moving car, which I was also driving, so I didn't get the shot I wanted. I should wait till tonight, when I'll be on my bike and I can stop and do better, but I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer!

1 comment:

barbara said...

Thank you so much, Susan!!
Please don't risk your life for a good pic...