May 29, 2011


This post is for everyone, but for Kristen especially! I saw your Sunny Spot post with your "breath" drawings and they instantly reminded me of a silkscreen t-shirt design I did several years ago. The other day, after I saw your post, I looked frantically for the original drawing, but couldn't find it and I remembered that had probably decided "what am I saving this for?" and threw it out.

So then today, while enjoying the long weekend and marveling that the heat of summer has arrived (skipping right over spring) I decided to put away my sweaters and corduroys and pull out my skirts and tank tops. AND, when I did that, I found this t-shirt I made, which I had also thought I had thrown out because I accidently washed it without setting the ink, which is why the purple is bleeding all over the place, which kind of ruined it. ANYWAY, my point is, this drawing of mine and resultant t-shirt reminds me of your drawings. Mine was inspired by a poem I came across - which I think got tossed along with the original drawing.

Okay, I can breathe now.


barbara said...

good to hear from you, Susan!

I like the illustration on the tee very much!
still looks good, even with the bleeding.

we have also skipped spring over here and are enjoying very fine and quite hot weather.
I can't believe it is already the last day of may!

Kristen Donegan said...

I agree- I really like the "bleed" of this it reminds me of batik.

Barbara I am curious as to where you swim in Vienna?