May 26, 2011

33 ways to stay creative

found this on the internet, will try to accomplish some of these tasks, as I'm not really motivated at the moment...
(the weather is so fine, all I really wanna do is go swimming, but I have to work)

how do you guys stay creative, what is your secret?


Kristen Donegan said...

I had to laugh at "be otherworldly" ! I'm imagining getting creative with a sheet over my head trying to scare up some ideas.
and I'm surprised going swimming is not on this list as I think that is a perfect way to stay creative! especially when the weather is conducive ;)

barbara said...

great idea, I'll replace "be otherworldly" (whatever that means) with "GO SWIMMING".

it's already summer in Vienna!

Susan said...

I am going to hang this list at work AND at home. I will practice being "otherworldly" at work and I'll see how it goes!