Apr 27, 2011

New Shoes

It's finally a bit sunny today so I thought I would break out my new sandals. I bought them when there was still snow on the ground
(who wears sandals in the snow??) they were probably out for all the ladies in March who were dreaming of a day like this -I know I was! Very good marketing , no?
picture taken about 5 minuets ago- care to take a right now shot anyone??
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barbara said...

very nice!

I can't wait to wear my gothenburg clogs!
last year when I got them, it was already too cold.
all I have to do now is find the box they are in...

Kristen Donegan said...

Yes! are you close to unpacking??
and by the way YUM/YUM chocolate ;D

barbara said...

hi kristen, yes, I'm already unpacking! but I need new/more furniture to put all my stuff in, so it's still very chaotic...