Jun 18, 2012


please keep posting!!

what did you do last weekend / which good books have you been reading lately / any new artwork of yours / who or what inspires you at the moment ...?


Kristen Donegan said...

ok ok ok ! ;)

barbara said...


Susan said...

I can't seem to log onto this site at work, which is when I usually take a peak at it. I tried to post my packing/moving picture but was unsuccessful. Let's see if this works: I spent last weekend moving into my new house. I have left the city (for now) and now live in the suburbs. It means I can't commute to work on my bike anymore, but on the good side, it means on the weekends I can easily head out on my bike to scenic areas for nice rides!

barbara said...

Susan - so good to hear from you!!
I hope you will be able to post the pics someday.

big hug from Vienna,