Aug 10, 2011


A few shots of the sunny, green and very colourfull little house I rented  last week with a friend. No it's not Greece but a small village at the beach of Bretagne, France. Lovely beaches, great weather, a lot of reading and sleeping. Just what a (short) holiday has to be. And now back to work! 

I will be very busy these month to come. I work in a small museum in Gent right know where I will be doing some exiting things. I'll keep you posted!!

I'm a little frustrated because I can't comment on blogitems, it's something technical and I can't resolve the problem on my own. So it's not that I'm not interested any more, I just can't!!....Thank you Barbara for all you're lovely comments on my blog and all the posts on this one. I read them, I like them and I would like to comment more but....

And yes I like to participate in a project, postcards, books you know I like them.
Hope you have all have a lovely summer!
Big hug.

O.... and Camilla, my dearest niece is going to study for two years in Sweden...... so who knows??


Camilla Engman said...

What a sweet place, looks great.
You can come anyway!! But alright that would be an extra reason :)

Looking forward to see what you will do in Gent.

barbara said...

so good to hear from you!
I am looking forward to reading about your time in gent.

and I love the pictures you have posted, it looks very beautiful and quiet.

hope your problem with the comments gets solved quickly!

love, Barbara

Kristen Donegan said...

Looks like a great spot! I hope your computer stars behaving soon! as I miss hearing your voice (in my head) as I read everyone's posts ;)

barbara said...

hearing everybody's voice again would be so great!!!
I'm trying to recreate them in my mind, right now...