Feb 7, 2011

Susan's apartment

Susan and I got to have a few hours together "Knutsel-ing" (I know that's probably the wrong word- sorry Janien) over the weekend. We talked more than we actually made things but could not help flashing back to Camilla's studio- everyone chatting, poking around, laughing, eating Angela's wonderful meals, soaking up all the creative energy, Morran doing her best to just take a nap in the middle of it all....
I know Camilla and Angela are doing it again in the spring and I am so disappointed that I'm not going to be able to make it this time around.
I am hoping that this next class goes really really well and all of Angela's flights are smooth and she never gets charged for her bags and there is a whole new group of great people and Camilla is so inspired that she just has to do another workshop so that I will in fact have another chance to get back to Gothenburg and meet her, Angela and Morran again... and maybe you too??

PS don't you love Susan's little Valentine banner- she has a really awesome pad :)


barbara said...

this is so nice to see!
I also wish we could meet again someday!!!

lots of love to all of you, from vienna
;) B

Janien /leuke post said...

It's great that you two can meet and chat and 'knutsel'. (The verb is 'knutselen' and I 'knutsel' ;)And it's look that you have some beautiful light in you're apartment Susan!

Susan said...

My apartment does get good light! That's why all my art stuff keeps ending out in the dining room because that's the sunny side of the house.

Kristen and I had a fun day, even if all I made was one bad rubber stamp. The sun is shining today and I hope I can knutselen today (can you knutselen by yourself?) :-)