Nov 11, 2010

getting squirrely

It's been awhile since I've said hello- this time of year with such short busy days has had me feeling quite like a squirrel and what with the bumper crop of acorns we have this year- I thought I'd make something out of these nuts instead of raking them into the woods- maybe I'm just a little nuts myself- but I have to tell you ladies I so look forward to seeing posts on all your blogs- peeks into what your all up to, like looking into your windows at dusk. With the lights on early this time of year it's not at all hard to imagine- anyhoo thanks for continuing to be so inspiring! (maybe I'll make buttons out of these...)
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barbara said...

OMG these are really great!

Susan said...

What an excellent idea! Imagine if you put them outside again...I wonder if anyone would casually pick one up and then be surprised by what they saw inside!

barbara said...

great idea, susan!